Silicon Tech / Dempsey Racing Takes Sixth Straight Top-Five at VIR

Alton, VA (September 16, 2012)- Following another wild run during the penultimate round of The American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patrón, Silicon Tech Racing survived a tough four hours during Saturday's VIR 240 to capture their sixth straight top five finish.

Driving the no. 25 STANDD / Monster Digital / Racer’s / Merchant Services Oreca FLM09 Chevrolet, drivers Henri Richard and Duncan Ende came in to the weekend with one key advantage over their Prototype Challenge (PC) competitors; track experience. With Duncan Ende having several years of experience at the scenic Virginia International Raceway in another series, and Richard having also competed the previous year, both drivers came in with confidence for the debut ALMS race at the 3.27-mile circuit.

Starting the race with a simple goal of having a clean opening stint, Richard was immediately the victim of a hectic start. As the race began, the no. 20 Dyson Racing prototype spun off in the first turn, causing much of the field to drive off course in avoidance, resulting in two of the GT cars behind Henri to make contact with his car. The resulting cosmetic damage to much of the car’s bodywork would significantly effect the aerodynamics on his car, however the car was still able to continue. Rejoining the back of the field, he composed himself quickly and delivered consistent lap times, poised to take advantage as attrition took its course on the field.

Unfortunately, just past the one-hour mark, attrition would strike again, as an incident while passing the no. 55 BMW at the famed Oak Tree corner would result in a stop and hold penalty, putting the no. 25 a lap down on the field.

Handing the car over to Ende during a double yellow period in fourth, the Los Angeles-native would take the reigns for the remainder of the race. While any chance of victory was out of sight, the opportunity to take the team’s sixth consecutive top-five finish was within grasp, the sole focus for Ende simply being on a clean remainder of his run.

Setting consistent lap times and running clean, Ende’s time in the car was fairly uneventful, leading to the no. 25 eventually crossing the finish line in their traditional fifth place.

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Silicon Tech / Dempsey Racing in Search of More Podiums at VIR

Los Altos Hills, CA (September 11, 2012)- Still relishing in their second podium of the year just one week ago, Silicon Tech / Dempsey Racing heads to this weekend’s VIR 240 with a renewed sense of momentum and potential.

As the penultimate round of the American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patrón championship, the team heads to the classic Virginia International Raceway, a track known for its constant series of corners and vintage appeal.

While this is the final sprint-race of the 2012 season, it is actually the first time the series has ever raced at the circuit in Alton, Virginia. Hoping to gain some advantage in the Prototype Challenge (PC) class, it may be the first visit for many series teams and drivers, however both STR drivers and the Dempsey team have a lot of experience at the track.

Driver Duncan Ende has driven at the 3.27-mile circuit several times in another series since 2007, while co-driver Henri Richard raced at the circuit last year, which is actually where he had his first “run in” with Dempsey Racing Co-Owner Patrick Dempsey.

“You could say the beginning of Silicon Tech and Dempsey Racing started at VIR,” stated Richard. “Patrick and I actually met while both of our cars were stuck in the Turn 3 gravel trap during practice, and I guess the rest is history! The track is a lot of fun for a driver. The corners really flow in to one another, and the feel of the circuit is truly a classic.”

Looking to drive the circuit for the first time in a prototype, Duncan Ende is hoping his prior track experience can prove valuable during the race.

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Second Podium for Silicon Tech/Dempsey Racing in Baltimore

strpodiumBaltimore, MD (September 3, 2012)- Taking to their second street course of the 2012 American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patrón season, Silicon Tech/Dempsey Racing survived a chaotic Baltimore Sports Car Challenge to take their second podium of the season.

Sticking to their season-long strategy of driving with a cautious and patient approach, drivers Henri Richard and Duncan Ende survived a wild and incident-filled race, with the no. 25 STANDD / Monster Digital / Racers / Merchant Services / Oreca FLM09 Chevrolet avoiding the carnage to finish third.

“Today was an absolute team effort,” stated Silicon Tech driver Henri Richard. “This was a challenging weekend for all involved, so to walk away with our second trophy of the year is a complete testament to everyone here.”

While smart driving and a patient approach proved effective for the race, a significant part of the story begins before the team ever took the green flag.

Following a difficult first day of practice and qualifying on Friday, the team never found the right pace, Saturday’s morning warm up nearly ended in disaster. As Richard came to grips with his Prototype Challenge (PC) vehicle one last time before the race, a small loss of rear grip in the circuit’s fast right-handed bend would send the vehicle brushing the right wall, causing significant damage to both the body work and the car’s suspension.

Once the car was returned to the paddock, a quick survey by the crew would result in a frantic pre-race preparation. Having to replace front and rear corners of the car, as well as much of the car’s bodywork, the team only had three hours and 45-minutes before having to get to the grid. Working through lunch and at a frenzied pace, the team’s preparation came through, with the team managing to get a safe and re-built car to the grid without missing a step.

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Silicon Tech/Dempsey Racing Head to the Streets of Baltimore

baltpreLos Altos Hills, CA (August 27, 2012)- After four consecutive top-five finishes in the Prototype Challenge (PC) category of The American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patrón, Silicon Tech/Dempsey Racing heads to the streets of Baltimore in search of continued strong results. As the eighth round of a 10-race season, drivers Henri Richard and Duncan Ende seek to continue their finishing streak via a cautious and calculated approach to the complex street course configuration.

Driving the no. 25 STANDD / Monster Digital / Racers / Merchant Services / Oreca FLM09 Chevrolet, cautious optimism serves as the theme of the weekend. At this year’s Grand Prix of Long Beach, the only other temporary street course on the calendar, drivers Henri Richard and Duncan Ende took their first top-five finish of the season.

“We’re really looking forward to this weekend’s race,” stated Richard. “The downtown harbor of Baltimore serves as a perfect backdrop for our series, and the entire Dempsey Racing organization has done a great job preparing the car. I’m confident that steady driving and good pace can keep us out of the trouble that street circuits can create.”

For Los Angeles native Duncan Ende, who drove in last year’s inaugural Grand Prix of Baltimore in a different category, a similar commitment to steady driving is shared. 

“Last year presented very mixed memories,” stated Ende. “The organizers put on a great event, and based on last year’s experience I’m confident we can finish strong if we manage the race attrition.”

With only three rounds remaining, the entire organization looks forward to continued top-five finishes and fighting for more podiums.

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Silicon Tech / Dempsey Racing Take Fourth Consecutive Top-Five

ramElkhart Lake, WI (August 21, 2012) - Headed to the scenic Road America circuit in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, hopes were high for the entire Silicon Tech / Dempsey Racing organization that they may be able to fight for their second podium of the season.

As the seventh round of the American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patrón, this four-hour event would put a premium on attrition and reliability, which in previous rounds had worked favorably for the team. Driving the no. 25 STANDD / Monster Digital / Racers / Merchant Services / Oreca FLM09 Chevrolet, drivers Henri Richard and Duncan Ende have had a solid mid-season so far, taking top-five finishes in the last four rounds, including their first podium of the season at Lime Rock Park. With the four-mile Road America circuit being a personal favorite for both drivers, a goal for another podium set the stage for what would be a hard fought day.

Starting on the third row of the Prototype Challenge (PC) category, Duncan Ende would be first behind the wheel, taking the green flag under perfect weather conditions. Immediately coming to grips with the car, Ende drove one of his career best stints, rapidly making work of the field in front of him. Battling wheel to wheel with several PC cars ahead, Ende was as high as third before eventually coming to hand the car over. 

With Richard now behind the wheel, a seemingly strong pace would continue. Spending much of his time in contention for a podium, Richard drove clean and consistent as he focused on ensuring a mistake-free run.

Unfortunately, as pit stops cycled through, an ill-timed full course caution would send the Northern California resident in for routine service at a time when many of his competitors were able to advance on the track. Spending nearly 40 seconds to get the engine re-started provided a further setback, the no. 25 would come out with some ground to gain. As the race continued on, the team would eventually settle in for fifth, with the team eventually taking their fifth consecutive top-five.

While the team had lofty aspirations to once again climb on to the podium, another top-five finish is certainly nothing to be disappointed in.

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